Travel Agency CRM Software

Software Tailored to Tour and Travel Agency Management


  • 17% more conversion of Leads to Customer
  • 22% increase in repeat business
  • 35% reduce in staffing and overhead cost by minimizing manual interventions, with the help of work-flows and automation.
  • 53% Increase in overall business revenue

Best Used By:

  • Tour Operators
  • Travel Agencies
  • Travel Planners

If you are running a Travel Agency without a proper system to manage your customer data and their requirements, you are, most likely struggling with every sales cycle. With *astCRM – the travel agency client management software, you can maintain information about your clients, their preferences, purchase capabilities and buying behavior. This makes it easier for your agents to present the best deal to your customer, and complete the sales smoothly.

*astCRM tailored CRM for travel agencies, is designed to manage general business processes & work flows of travel organization. The CRM can handle large volume of data like leads, customers, travel plans & packages, bookings & more. The analytics generated from the Travel CRM, can be used to send promotions to the right target segment for better conversions.

Features that make *astCRM – A back office Solution for Travel Agencies

1. Lead & Customer Profile

Manage all information about your prospects and clients, including: contact details, travel itinerary, pre-sales and post sales communications. Link it with marketing campaigns associated, source of lead, assigned agents etc.

2. Multi-User Access

Manage roles and hierarchy for your employees. Let them access the required information about the customers. Improve the mutual coordination in order to support your customer better & achieve mutual organization goals.

3. Email & SMS Integration

Integrate official email ID to send informations, proposals to the customers. With SMS integration remind your contacts on all important events, meetings, deals & discounts.

4. Comment History

Comments are the logs of the interactions with the client. Keep the complete history of all the communications ever done with a client.

5. Analytics & Reports

Filters to improve the work efficiency of the agents by sorting the data. Smart Reporting tools to generate reports by applying logics and conditions.

6. Customer Relationship Management

An organized database to empower the agents / sales executives with all the information required to interact with the customer, offering them better deals, & thereby closing more sales.

7. Travel Plans Management

Manage client's travel requirements and plans, list co-travellers' information, choice for travel dates to find the best deals for the client. The CRM filters makes it easier to handle similar requirements in bulk.

8. Booking Management

Keep the records of all the bookings done for your client. These records will also help while dealing with the vendors. Bookings made are the successful sales that allow you to measure your closure rate, revenue earned, ROI generated.

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Features of Travel Agency CRM in detail:

“*astCRM enhances the travel planning and booking experience of your customers.”

Mr. Babu Alex

Outperform your competitors by using CRM solution especially designed to manage travel agencies data.

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