Lead Management System

Lead Management

Every business needs to sell its products or services to the target market it is inclined to. Multiple Lead Generation Techniques are used in every business to succeed in multiple marketing programs. We simplify these techniques and manage them promptly for a better conversion rate resulting in higher revenue.

A Lead Management System is a never-ending process of every business, which includes capturing leads, tracking their activities, and behavior, following up, educating them on the product or services, thereby qualifying them, and distributing it to the right sales manager.”

Lead Management System is also referred to as customer acquisition management, contact management, or lead tracking system.

If not done correctly, leads generated post spending money on marketing activities can result to :

  • Lead Leakage
  • Missed Follow-ups
  • Zero or negligible lead engagement.

*astCRM has developed a real-time lead management software solution to support the sales teams in managing their leads and tracking the activities & information required. It also helps the organization by offering a transparent centralized lead tracking system for business.

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Major Features of *astCRM – Sales-force Lead Management System

1. Lead Capturing

Companies doing marketing & branding activities, executing PR & media, investing in resources, to generate leads which can turn into customers. Capturing the details differentiates between a Good & a Poor Lead generation process. From your website contact form, emails, phone call to your reception, landing pages, trade show visits, and almost everything else, wherever the information on a new lead appear it should be captured with proper details.

The *astCRM lead management system, allows you to integrate with website contact form, emails, facebook & linkedin ads to automate your lead capturing process. The system also has the option to do the upload of the bulk data for the informations collected at trade shows.


2. Lead Tracking

Most of the companies have the conversion rate below 3% when it comes to sell their products and services to their leads, and converting them to the customer. This low rate proves the unavailability of the processes & tracking system.

With *astCRM lead tracking system, start tracking the activities and behavior of the leads. This process includes determining the source of the lead, activily monitoring the status in lead funnel, updating the regular conversations with the lead & marking the proper schedules for all meetings and phone calls as reminder.

3. Lead Distribution

After capturing the lead, it should be pass on to the relevant authority, as quickly as possible. Lead distribution allows the companies to route the captured leads to the right sales executive based on the variety of factors. These factors may be lead’s geographic, demographics, areas of interest, industry or based on the companies product range. The proper distribution increases the chances for the conversion.

Hence, with *astCRM lead management software, the distribution can be made either to an individual or to the team. Thereafter, it becomes the responsibility of the assigned individual or the team to convert the lead to the business. This later allows to assess the productivity of the individual, or the team.

4. Lead Filtering & Grading

The data is more useful when it can be converted into meaningful form. The multiple filter system and stages available in the *astCRM lead management make it easier for the sales team to drill down to the categorizing the lead informations, and preparing list with similarities. Hence, you can generate the list of leads that are captured last week, from a particular location, looking for the same product and having the same stage in the sales funnel. With grading / categorizing the lead status, the sales person can pick the right approach for the conversation. For example, a cold lead needs the conversation to have the information on the product, whereas the lead in negotiation stage may only need a coupon code to initiate a purchase.

5. Lead Nurturing

This category probably makes the largest portion of your data. All your leads, who are not planning to purchase in next few days need to be nurtured so that they can be qualified to the next level. Lead nurturing helps the buyers to know your business better, and take the informed decision.

As explained earlier during the filtering and grading stage, leads data needs nurturing, can be collected and they can be sent regular information about the company offering. With *astCRM – Lead management system, the sales team can easily categorize the available leads and the depth of nurturing they need. Lead nurturing consists of consistently engaging the leads across multiple channels, by sharing content they’ll find interesting. If done correctly, this process will ultimately increase company revenue.

6. Lead Qualification

Lead qualification is the process to pick the leads from the database that fits your ideal customer profile, and has the highest chance to convert as a customer. By regularly nurturing the leads with the features and benefits of the products / services, the companies motivate the strong prospects to initiate the purchase.

*astCRM Lead management system help sales team to be organized in pushing their leads to the qualified stage. Once the lead is qualified by knowing their requirements, comparing them against the features of the products or services you offered, and to see the value for the money needs to be invested, it can easily moved to the closure stage.

7. Maintaining Schedules for meetings & calls

The sales person should be organized and precise on the commitment they made with their clients/prospects. Hence, it becomes extremely important for the sales person to properly schedule all the calls and meetings ever committed.

The inbuilt calendar feature of *astCRM lead management system, not only let the sales people to mark their upcoming events and meetings, and remind them, but also let the managers & team leaders to monitor the progress made for each case.

Above all the Lead management system from *astCRM is an ideal solution for sales teams, call centers, and businesses that deals with customer acquisition