Ticket Management System

A comprehensive tool to support the process of ticket management and help-desk management

Power up your team to offer great customer service by enhancing the team communications and transparency for customer complaints and requests. The system also acts as the performance monitoring platform for the help-desk agents and service engineers.

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Why astCRM Ticket Management System for your business ?

Our Ticketing Management System holds the key to open new opportunities for your enterprise for better customer issue resolvency rate which is directly proportional to customer retention rate. An efficient system with the support of technology and data flow brings a balance in achieving better reach and growth. Some of the key benefits are listed below.

Least Implementation Time

astTrac 2.0 – The Help desk system with ticketing and task management is a cloud solution. The integration and implementation time is 3 hours depending on and varies accordingly on customization and testing.

Live Monitoring of the Team

astTrim – an Android app designed for managers to keep informed of the team’s live activities. It captures the latest update of a field executive location and displays it over the map. This also lets the help desk member identify which field executive is in close proximity to the customer’s location. The managers can also get an idea about the number of tickets attended by a field executive since the time they logged in to the system for the day.

Enable Call Popup with IP PBX

If you are using IP PBX or any advanced contact center solution to receive calls from your customer, we will help you to integrate through our Ticketing system to enable a pop-up message about the customer profile for incoming calls. This will let the executive identify the caller with the previous details/history.

Ticket Management System

Benefits and Features

Real Time Monitoring

Get Realtime Stats on Agent Performance and customer ticket-based metrics. Tickets pending, tickets closed, Schedule tasks, teams availability, and ticket source.

Omnichannel Solution

Collect complaints, requests, tasks, and orders directly from your customer using multiple channels. Facebook, Email, Web forms, Webchat, Voice or any 3rd Party API integration.

Notifications – Email / SMS

Send Ticket notifications to customers, to support person in charge or to admin via Email or SMS. Ticket creation/close/cancellation update, Task schedule update, pending ticket reports.

Locate your Team

astTrim – An android application designed for managers that displays the latest information available for the field team with their location. Total ticket attended for the day, total distance travelled.

Capture Ticket Location

With each ticket, collect the required information on the location, date, and time. Hence making a log for the ticket along with their geolocation parameters.

Get your route

astTrac – An android app designed for the support staff, that connects the user location to the ticket location on the map. Thereby helping him to figure our time and distance entities.






Rest api

Help Desk Solution with Ticketing and Activity Management

Retaining a customer costs Less Than A New Customer

It has been proven through various surveys and stats, that it costs 5 times more (approx) to gain a new customer into a business than it costs to retain an existing one.

Good customer service can help re-gain it effortlessly

With astTrac 2.0 – A New Age Ticket Management System,

we are trying to create an ecosystem to pass the information between the help desk and the executive responsible to fix the customer issue.


Use Cases

Ticket Management System

Document Collection

All the required documents from the customer can be scanned over the phone and saved to the cloud server with the customer records.

Sales Management

Keep track of your sales meetings. Assign the new leads & meetings based on the current location of your team.

Travel Expense Management

The android app allows the user the upload the expense receipt. The accounts team now have the access to the expenses made and the distance traveled. Hence the travel allowances can be paid early.

Delivery Management

Capture the routes taken by the delivery vehicles. Optimize the travel & take the best route to manage all your customer locations.

Services Management

If you have a team offering services at the client location, you can collect the service requests in your office and update the executive near this location on their mobile phone.

Fleet Tracking Management

Track and foresee the route by getting the exact location of your fleets and vehicles.

Frequently Asked Question

Where should we register these tickets ?

Tickets are registered by the help desk executives in their web based pannel. They can assign to any field executive as the task. Also, Tickets can be registered directly from the field executive from their app.

How can i request for a demo?

We encourage you to approach our team by clicking the below link, or by writing to us at sales@astCRM.com. We will love to explain you about our product.

What is the cost ?

This is a cloud solution, hence you will only be paying for the number of users accessing our services. Do let us know the number of users.

How do i integrate incoming calls with Ticketing system?

If you are using any IP-based business telephony solution, you can pass us the API as soon as the call lands to your tele caller.
If also provide IP PBX solution

How to do client labelling?

It is easy to change the logo in the web panel. You can provide your organization logo or upload it from the admin login.
Changing the android app requires effort. Hence, it will attract additional charges to design, host, and maintain the android application only for one organization.

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