"Customer service shouldn't just be a department, it should be the entire company"
Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all"
Michael LeBoeuf, Business author and former management professor

"A lot of people have fancy things to say about customer service, but it's just a day-in, day-out, ongoing, never-ending, persevering, compassionate kind of activity"
Christopher McCormick, CEO of L.L Bean

"Good customer service costs less than bad customer service"
Sally Gronow, Customer Manager Welsh Water

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Features & Benefits of astCRM – Ticket Management System

A happy Customer buys more and says more about your product / service. It is always easy (and less costly) to sell to an existing happy customer then to create a new customer. Hence, how a company treated its customer has become the key factor for their future status.

*astCRM being a company focusing on customer relationship activities closely felt that handling customer queries, requests and complains in a transparent, organized and professional structure will not only improves the quality of your customer service offered, but also it optimizes the resources & cost to deliver it.

To manage your customer's queries, requests and complaints we created astCRM – Ticket Management System that made it extremely practical to offer a professional customer service by businesses of any sizes.

The *astCRM - Ticket Management System uses the most popular concept of ITIL Incident Management process to design the flow to resolve customer ticket. The ultimate goal is to improve the capabilities of people, processes and technology of the organization.

Below are the main stages for *astCRM Ticket Management System.

1. Collecting Information
2. Ticket Logging
3. Ticket Categorization
4. Ticket Prioritization
5. Initial Diagnosis
6. Escalation
7. Analyzing Similar Cases
8. Resolution
9. Customer Feedback & Confirmation
10. Closure
11. Root Cause Analysis
12. Documentation

Popular names for Ticket management System

  • Complaint Management
  • Support Ticket System
  • Help Desk System
  • Service Desk System
  • Issue Tracking System

Features & Benefits of astCRM – Ticket Management System


  • Centralized system
  • Efficiency
  • Prioritize Important Tasks
  • Adds transparency
  • Ensures continuity


Additional Features

  • Email Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • Easy Modification
  • Schedules and Reminder
  • FAQ / Knowledge Base


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