Zero Infrastructure
“Business Communication Services”

Cloud based business telephony on pay per use for Startups and SMEs.

Run Call Center On Smartphone

Allow your tele-calling team to engage in calls using their smartphones. This solution offers all the features of an outbound call center on cloud. Eliminate the need of any infrastructure such as furniture or even office space, or minimize the ongoing operational cost on server maintenance.

Incoming call Solution on Cloud

A cloud based IVR solution captures all your incoming business calls, redirecting them to your choice of mobile numbers. The system is backed by call reports, missed call alerts and voice recording, providing all the required matrix on the incoming call solution for any small to medium scale business.

Click2Call CRM

A perfect solution for qualitative calling, where the call has to be made after analyzing call related data. A web-based CRM system enables the option to analyze and filter the available data before calling. Idle for high value sales and closures, such as Real Estate, Manufacturing, Recruitment process, etc.

Want to Save cost on Business Communication?

Let us help you understanding how eliminating servers can save huge ongoing costs

What we do?

*astCRM aim to offer cost effective business solution for its client to establish smooth & effective communication.

*astCRM is offering cost effective business solution to startups and SMEs!

With our objective to support startups and SME for the business communication, we are continuously working towards developing solution with minimum infrastructure requirement. Our efforts and services not only save huge capital cost of our clients, but also help them in reducing their regular operational expenses.


*astCRM offers cloud based business telephony solution on pay per use model. This opens the possibilities for our client to run their business from anywhere.

With “Work From Home” gaining momentum during recent years, the companies do want to keep the option open for them while buying any services. The cloud based services can be accessed from anywhere, hence can serve the need perfectly. The other obvious benefits are low setup cost, no maintenance cost, flexibility and scalability.

Zero Infrastructure Setup

The new era of business is to keep your system lean and focused on core activities. The companies are shedding their expenses and liabilities so that they can take decisions faster for rapid changing market. The shared workplace and cloud services are the major elements making the businesses sleeker.

With cloud based telephony services, we also support our client in being focused and agile. Adopting our technology, the client can focus on their core business, while we taking care of their communication system.


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