Run Call Center on Smartphone

*astDIAL - a complete call center suite that can run the outbod call center from Android Phones. It enables the agents to make calls from their smartphones, and thus the freedom from their workstation. It also allows the real time monitoring of the call activities, maintaining the centralized database of all your customers, and their reports, and setting up a Zero Infra Call Center.

“Start the Call Center Without Capital Investment”

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Whatsapp Services

With *astCRM Whatsapp Notification Services, you can reach your customer, with an innovative & a popular platform using Send Text, Send Images, Send Videos, Send Documents. Connect the whatsapp with any of your existing system, and notify your customer on every interaction. Make your message stand out in the crowd of SMSes.

“Next level of Business Communication”

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CRM Software Solution

A complete CRM software solution that fits the need of small, mid & large scale enterprises across all industries. Easy to customize, our CRM solution helps you serve your customer better & sell effectively. With organized data, the CRM adds transparency in organizations, & provides enhanced monitoring & control over business processes.

“Let us help you implementing a CRM Solution”

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Lead Management Solution

Lead management solution helps businesses dealing with huge pile of their Leads data. This solution manages, captures, categorize the leads, and filter them to be used a useful formats. Keep the track of multiple campaigns run on the lead. Integrate with your facebook / linkedin ads, web forms, emails to capture the lead data. Keep the history of communications established.

“Let us help you creating a perfect Lead Funnel”

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Track On-field Meetings

*astTrac – an android app that lets your field forces track their meetings, visits, and dispatches from the location itself. All the visits to your customers will be logged into a CRM. The team can be monitored using Google Map. Best solution for Insurances, Loan, Document collection, Customer Service Providers, where the agent closest to the customer can be notified about the customer requirement.

“A CRM to Maintain your Field Activities”

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Receive Calls from Your Website

*aLIVE – A web call feature, that lets your website visitor call you from a single click. A complete PBX system on cloud. Let your sales and support teams to be reached easily, when in need. This also gives you an edge above your competitors. Above all, your customers does not pay for the calls made. Hence, A Toll Free Alternative.

“Cost Effective Toll Free Icon for your Website”

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Ticket Management Solution

A productive and professional way to listen and manage your customer worries, issues & complaints. The Ticket management software helps companies to improve their customer services, and increases the chances where their customer likely to buy again. Thus boosting the customer lifetime value. This also helps in improving quality of the product & services offered.

“Manage customer complaints for better customer service”

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Cloud Solution

All of our solutions are also accessible through cloud on pay per use model. Hence, you do not have to pay the huge capital on setting up servers, & maintaining them, & later upgrading them. Manage your fluctuating business needs & spend smartly. Our cloud solutions are flexible, scalable, secure and fast, moreover, its cost effective. Our engineers work their best.

“Let us help you in suggesting the best solution”

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Why to choose *astCRM – The Ultimate CRM

  • Minimize sales cycle
  • Capture leads
  • Capture sales activities
  • Manage complaints / tickets
  • Website contact form support
  • Generate custom reports
  • Open Source platform
  • Easy integration with
    3rd party modules
  • Low cost ownership
  • Suitable for SMEs
  • Flexible & easily customizable

*astCRM offers the web-based open source CRM solution that can be accessed by any web browser. The integrated Outlook, Thunderbird, Firefox & Gmail plugins allow to configure email accounts with the CRM. An in-built calendar module lets you plan and schedule all important tasks, meetings, calls, etc. Smart report system that lets you generate multiple reports. Quick filters helps you in getting your interest of data without any struggle.

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*astCRM Systems Pvt Ltd offers complete solution to manage customer data – from understanding the basic business requirements to prepare & deploy the CRM, and training the executives with the CRM. Post deployment, we continue to help our clients running their operations smoothly by offering profession support services.
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The CRM Solution and other modules offered from *astCRM are built on a stable open source platform, making it an affordable solution with a huge community for continious development. This helps the *astCRM to keep the solution up-to-date and adapting various business processes.

Custom CRM Implementation

With professional team of business consultants, technical experts & senior programmers, *astCRM offers complete solution for successfully implementing the CRM at your premises. We at *astCRM understand that your business is unique, and it has unique requirements. Thus, we have designed a system to be flexible enough to manage your current and future customizations. Our team work with you start from the project, and keep you updated on every stage, to make sure that a smooth deployment is done within proper time.

CRM Consultancy Services

With wide networking in the industry we have some of the finest CRM consultants & experts that can offer their services on demand. These consultants work with you to understand the unique flow of your business and provide the most suitable solution to implement the CRM system & other related module in the existing environment to add the maximum efficiency to your operations.

Telecom Solution Integration

For businesses that needs to deal with high volume of phone calls – both incoming & outgoing – we offer best in class business telephony solution integrated with the CRM. This comprehensive solution helps you in getting the client details on every incoming calls and dialing the customer from your computer screen while viewing a report or customer's data.


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CRM integration with 3rd Party Applications


Communicate faster with your clients by sending personalized SMS to their mobile devices. Keep the client informed on the sales or support stages important to them by integrating an SMS gateway easily with the *astCRM. Consequently, you can increase your sales and strengthen the relationship with your customers.


The *astCRM can be linked to your email server to send out emails to your leads, customers or vendors. All the emails sent from an individual or entire company can be archived in *astCRM, to allow anyone in your organization find what was exchanged with your clients. Using CRM you can send single email to multiple leads/ contacts.


Tally is the default Accounting, Inventory and Statutory Compliance software used by many enterprises. Integrating Tally with *astCRM becomes critical to ensure business continuity and to eliminate redundancy. The integration syncs the client's account to the tally hence reduces the work of the accounts team to recreate the data.


The leads captured using Facebook forms can be updated to the *astCRM with the lead status of your choice. Thereby eliminating any delay and effort to reach the sales team. This integration further lets you know the stats on leads captured from lead source (which is Facebook) for duration of your choice.