astDIAL Reception: Taking customer interaction to a new high

It takes a lot to build a brand, and businesses strive to keep it profitable and sustainable. Brand management is an ongoing work. Service readiness is one of the factors behind the success of a brand. The term primarily illustrates how well a brand can respond to customer requests, queries, interaction, and feedback.

Let us look at a few of the most important defining parameters for the degree of effectiveness of a brand’s service readiness:

  • How often can I reach someone in the organization, even at odd hours?
  • How competent is the person who receives my calls?
  • How fast will a concerned person be available for answering my queries?

Service readiness is indispensable for all organizations associated with sales and marketing. When the customer comes across a knowledgeable executive at the right time, the odds of making a sale are higher. Organizations across several domains can benefit from boosting their service readiness. Credit card sales departments and the entities across hospitality industry is just a couple of examples of the same. There are cases wherein service readiness not just delivers a competitive edge, but helps crack game-changing, big deals for businesses. Let us take a look at a short case study that illustrates the same:

We consider the case of a resort that has around a hundred rooms. In such a case, keeping the booking engine responsive, 24X7 is a major challenge that a business has to put up with. In the dearth of service readiness, it may be possible that the resort loses out on the best deals, such as room booking for 60 delegates of a contingent to its nearest competitor.

To prevent such a situation from occurring, the resort has to ensure that its services are prompt and on time. If the knowledgeable person is accessible 24X7, over his smartphone, it simplifies the matters significantly. This is however difficult to achieve because the resort receives a majority of its calls during the evening when most of the employees have left for the day.

The solution

Using Cloud Telecom Infrastructure is one of the most feasible ways of resolving the issue. Setting up an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) will work nicely in such a situation, and allows calls to be routed to the concerned person. But this is an expensive affair that calls for an investment of around INR 30,000 monthly for a business. An enterprise-grade organization can afford this investment, but it is not a feasible solution for SMBs.

*astCRM has come up with a feasible solution for such circumstances which delivers the goods with an investment of INR 3,000 monthly.

Would you like to organize your incoming business calls?

astDIAL Reception – For managing incoming calls

For using astDIAL Reception, a single telephone number, capable of taking multiple calls is first organized and published.
Queues are first set, and then the IVR is set for the reception contact number. A business has a choice at populating the numbers for IVR in ways that suit their requirements, such as 1 for sales and 2 for support. The calls can then be routed to a concerned department from the reception. It may be possible that three or four smartphones ring at the same time. This ensures that the odds of a call being missed are negligible.

astDIAL Reception does three things for a business:

  1. Call capturing: Define IVR as per the business requirements.
  2. Call forwarding: Forward calls to concerned department/personnel, 24X7.
  3. Call reporting: In case any call is missed under any circumstances, the admin is notified with an instant effect. He can have an instant callback arranged. This reduces the odds of missing out on an important deal.

astDIAL Reception can further generate daily reports for a user/admin, which helps track one’s performance and delivers insights such as room for improving efficiency.

Other features facilitated by astDIAL Reception include:

  • Call recordings: Listening call recordings deliver insights into an agent’s performance and helps center down upon room for improvement.
  • SMS responses: An interested party may be contacted over SMS when their preferred deals are available. They can receive privileged customer service and notifications from a single dedicated portal, over web or mobile.

Top advantages of using astDIAL Reception

  1. Designed for small and medium-size offices
    The solution captures more business, without a huge investment in intercom solution.
  2. Answer calls from anywhere
    The physical presence of concerned personnel is not required at the office “reception” to receive all business calls. A business is not required to hire a team for the same. The concerned personnel can receive calls irrespective of where they are located when a business call comes, somewhere in the office, at home, or outstation for a business meeting.
  3. Use over personal smartphone
    With the calls distributed to the predefined mobile numbers. The executives can answer the calls from their mobile phones. The calls may alternately be routed to a landline phone or a PC at a workstation, as and when required.
  4. Low-cost Reception Setup
    astDIAL Reception requires no server or telephony accessories such as IP Phones or analog phones for implementation.
  5. IVR
    A business can upload personalized voice greetings and filter the customer using customer IVR options.
  6. Call Recording
    Keep all the recording for monitoring and training
  7. Instant Notification
    Instant notification through SMS and Email let a business stay very responsive to all customers by activating ‘Quick response services’.

An admin can alert the agent on missed calls, so that can call the customer back. One can also inform the customer of the agent being busy so that they can expect the call back later
Similarly, a business can share an ongoing offer with a message.


astDIAL Reception is a versatile software with elaborate functionality across several operating domains. It is highly customizable to be the best match for your requirements.


Accept the booking and cancellation directly over mobile without being available on the reception.

Service Industry

Update the customer on the status of their serviced commodity straight from the workshop. astDIAL Reception can be particularly useful for automobile service centers.

Help Desk

Requisite responses to customer queries and concerns promote customer delight and bring more leads, sales, and business. This adds value to your business.

Get a Zero Infrastructure, Cloud based IVR for your business