Whatspp Bot

Whatsapp Bot

Reduce your Customer Support Cost with Whatsapp Bot

Why Whatsapp Bot?

• Whatsapp is most popular tool of communication.
• Being a Bot, it does not require human being to support customer.
• Now support can be extended for 24X7.
• It can provide personalized experience based on customer’s profile & context of the conversation.

Benefits of using Whatsapp Bot for your Business.

Instant Response

Let your customer get their responses instantly. Do not let them wait due to late hours or holidays. An improve customer experience can help you create a strong brand.

High output with least cost

Whatsapp bot can handle high volume of requests. The responses from the bot is faster compare to an average agent. This can bring down your operating costs by 59%.

Eliminate Human Errors

The whatsapp bot does not make operational errors. The outputs are always based on the defined algorithm, hence eliminating the errors commonly made by humans.


The whatsapp bot is charged as per the activities & messages. Hence you pay when there is customer interaction. Whereas the employees are paid for the hours they spend.


The whatsapp bot provides data on interaction type, time & duration. All the interactions are logged and can be retrieved for future analysis.

Every Industry Need


* Takes order bookings
* Updates stock availability
* Updates order status


* Takes service requests
* Raises tickets for complaints
* Updates Pricing


* Find Specialist
* Confirm doctor’s availability
* Book an Appointment


* Admission Information
* Exam Information
* Holidays / Events Information


* Display Products
* Take Orders
* Tickets on Complaints


* Information on Products
* Information on Branches
* Tickets on Complaints/Requests

"Grow your business with Whatsapp Bot"

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