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Hundreds of financial startups are registered every month. Each business comes with a unique offering in either loan, insurance, consultancy, or services. The market is generally dominated by the local reach and local language. Making it easier for local players to start without big investments.

Mr. Siddarth Rao, the director of Pune based Micro Finance company, left his regular 12 hours - per day job to start his own company, in 2018. The company has only started to doing fine, when COVID-19 break out in India, during March 2020. In Pune, a huge number of areas were declared contaminated zones. People were not allowed to travel and come to the office to work. The small team of Mr. Rao was also suffering, as the situation is causing:

  • No Sales
  • No Revenue
  • No Salary
  • No Money to continue the business







This is where the real entrepreneur within Mr. Siddarth Rao decided to take one more calculated risk. He researches various low-cost alternatives for setting up the 'sales center' for his company. These 'Sales Center' hires people on a strict commission basis. The sales executive will get the payment based on :

  • Total calls made per day
  • Successful calls made
  • Deals closed

This "Sales Center" for Finance Institutes, has the following benefits :

  • Work From Home Call Center Setup
  • Remote Administration and Monitoring
  • Reports based on Disposition (Call Parameters)
  • Lead Assigning

Today, Mr. Rao's Company is having 35 full-time sales executives working from home using "astDIAL". They are running their business in 3 languages by hiring the right skills irrespective of their geographical location. Above all the entire Sales Center is running with Zero Infrastructure Cost.

About the Author : Prateek Samuel

Prateek Samuel, Chief Operating Officer, *astCRM has total of 13 years of experience in fields of sales, operations, project management and digital marketing. With astCRM, he is helping businesses to increase their efficiencies by automating their day to day mundane job. He likes to travel, and is a CRM consultant for SMEs. You can approach him at sales(at)astcrm(dot)com

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