Mr. Devendra Singh’s company is a 4 wheeler vehicle insurance aggregator based out of Bhubaneswar, Orissa. Their target customers are well versed with local languages and love to interact with agents in their own language. Market penetration is always easy with the local language in India. The insurance company was looking for a solution that can help them expand in other states without much investment.

The Business Challenge

Insurance companies wanted flexibility in the solution that allowed agents to work from home in other states as opening offices at multiple locations would require investment and availability of agents speaking other states languages such as marathi, punjabi or tamil was not there in Orissa. They were in hunt of a solution which allowed work from home, required minimum investment and no infrastructure. Furthermore, they required a solution that can provide them with detailed reports and insights so that the company can keep a stringent check on employees productivity and performance metrics.

Setup a zero investment call center in 90 Mins!

Solution Delivered

Aligned with 4 wheeler insurance company requirements,*astTECS offered them *astDIAL , an all-in-one solution . *astDIAL allowed their agents to work from home while providing all the features of a call center solution in a few clicks and company could hire agents all over the country due to WFH flexibility provided by the solution.

The solution just required a smartphone, *astDIAL mobile app, and a stable internet connection. Agents could use mobile application to make calls, dispose of calls, and check the leads. It allowed managers to assign leads in bulk, create campaigns for teams and check the live reports to keep track of agents performance. The reports empowered managers to keep a constant check on agents productivity by viewing different metrics such as call connect rate, agent’s idle time, call failure rates and other deeper insights.

Mr. Singh had ease of viewing the data and performance reports while on the go from anywhere anytime using the managers application.

Results and Value Added-On

*astDIAL proved to be the one fit for the vehicle insurance company that provided them a quick solution with easy implementation. With adaptable remote call center solution, Mr. Singh was able to run the call center for selling 4 wheeler insurance in different states and hire local people.

Additionally, tracking and reporting capabilities of the solution allowed managers to keep a check on agents activities and improve overall productivity. Managers could upload the data using their PC/laptop from anywhere and check the performance using their mobile app anytime in just a few clicks.

*astDIAL proved to be the complete solution for the “Remote MultiLingual Call Center” without infrastructure and with minimum investment. Finally, due to quick implementation of *astDIAL solution, Mr. Singh has expanded his business from a single state to four states.