A “Work From Home” model for your Outbound Call Center

Today, a growing number of companies, are offering partial or full Work From Home facilities, in almost all type of businesses. More and more employers are allowing their employees to work from home, by harnessing the benefits of technology. With digitalization, it is easier to connect and share information with any part of this world. This is why the teams are no more bounded to physically present in the same location to accomplish a task.

Some of the major benefits of offering Work From Home to the employees:

  • Less time in commuting by the employees
  • Increase in productivity by 13%
  • Work – Life balance creates happy employees
  • Increase in employee loyalty
  • Save on office space and office supply
  • A productive alternate to 'Leave'

Work from home opportunity is a cheaper, yet smarter way to get things done. It saves a good amount of the Company's money from investing in space allocation, facilities & perks for employees, commutation charges, paperwork, and many daily supplies. Above all, it reduces the impact of loss, caused by festive and unplanned leaves.

Offer “Work From Home” using *astDIAL

*astDIAL is a mobile-based solution for call centers and offices, dealing with a high number of outbound calls. Cold callers, Marketers, Survey agents, and similar teams can utilize the *astDIAL to complete their calls from their mobile phone. This means they are no more dependent on their office cubicle.

*astDIAL also includes a web interface to upload the data, monitor the agents, review the campaigns and manage the prospect profiles. It can be easily scaled, to adjust the growing need of the organization

Reason to Choose *astDIAL as the tool for “Work From Home”

  • App based calling
  • Live Monitoring
  • Agent Performance Report
  • Web pannel
  • CRM Supported
  • Mobile Calling Experience
  • Supports Android 5, & above
  • Agents operate remotely
  • Call from Anywhere
  • Custom Dispositions
  • Custom Reports

Businesses that deals with consultation, cold calls, telemarketing, and other offerings can easily offer the “Work From Home” Opportunity to employees, and helping them to create a perfect work–life balance. Below are the some of industries popularly using astDIAL:

  • Direct Sales Agents (DSAs)
  • Call Centers
  • Telemarketing Agencies
  • Education
  • Telecom
  • Real Estate
  • Consultants

*astDIAL is android based call center setup, that allows you to create a zero infrastructure call center, reducing both the capital & the operational cost.

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