Free the sales team from creating daily reports...
... and let them do sales

Creating daily activity reports like the number of meetings done, distance traveled, expenses made and sales generated, take about 20% - 30% of an individual's time every day. Though these reports are an important requirement for any sales department.

With the use of technology, your team can save a lot of their time and effort from creating these data dumps.

With *astTrac, the field activity management platform, the sales executives can log their meeting events on the go, using their smartphones. They can also use the app to access the tasks assigned or to upload their expense details. The system, in turn, creates fancy reports for the management on meetings, distance traveled and expenses made.

Meeting Report

With *astTrac android app, the sales representative needs to insert the name and phone number of the client they are meeting. The backend system stores the history of all the meetings done. These reports can be extracted by the managers to see the meetings done of any duration.

Attendance Report

The login to the *astTrac android app is captured with their location, date and time. These data are presented for the attendance records.

Expense Reports

Any kind of expenses made by the field executives are now can be captured by their mobile phone camera. These images and the inserted value can add up to the monthly expense list. This also frees the accounts department from lengthy calculations.

Enhance your field team efficiency by 42%!

About astTrac

*astTrac is a complete sales force monitoring system, that helps managers streamline their sales activities, control expenses and boost revenue. Know more about the platform by clicking the link below:

astTrac - A Field Force Monitoring Application

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