Cost Saving on Contact Center Technology


Cost Saving in Call Center

The shift from Capex to Opex suits certain organizations, but this is increasingly not the main reason organizations are moving to the cloud. The biggest cost savings come from the flexibility that a cloud solution provides, allowing you to scale your operations to meet your changing needs. From adding seasonal employees, to handling volume spikes, to growing your permanent work force, a cloud solution makes it easy to add or remove agents based on your business requirements. In addition, organizations can save costs by leveraging your workforce more effectively, no matter where they are located; on-site, at a remote office, or working from home, a cloud solution can connect them all with Mobile networks.

This enables organizations to select from a broader pool of agents, particularly homeworkers that are proven to reduce costs by 15%+; in addition, studies show that homeworkers are 10%+ more productive and feel increased job satisfaction which reduces attrition by 50%+. A cloud solution gives you access to the latest in contact technologies without requiring you to make an investment in expensive hardware to support the contact center telephony. Your cloud provider will maintain the infrastructure at their secure facilities, limiting your equipment risk and expense. In addition, Cloud-based contact routing platforms centralize resources to support the agent network, allowing access from wherever your agents are located.

Cloud contact center deployment offers customers several areas where money can be saved. The biggest savings come from the fact that the core infrastructure This reduces significantly the start-up costs and implementation time for a new project. Also, cloud delivery is inherently location independent so home working can be organized easily. This offers more options for flexible shift patterns, with the benefit of matching staff levels to call demand, lowering business costs.

Uniqueness of *astDIAL

Contact center normally require dialer which comes with Hard ware, software, Need Infrastructure, need IT person to handle it, and most important thing that you all the employees should sit at one place and work. But *astDIAL will work on any smart phones which runs on Android based. With out any computer or software this will work on mobile application, *astDIAL also has the features of, Auto dialing, Manual dialing, preview dialing, Voice recording, and many more.

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