Call Center as a Service

CCaaS : A Pay – Per – Use Solution

CCaaS is an ideal option for many contact centers, offering scalability as operational needs change. By providing the flexibility to pay for only the technology needed, investment is low and costs are significantly reduced while capabilities to better serve customers are expanding. You must already be aware of the term XaaS – It stands for Anything as a Service. It includes some of the famous terms:

With As-a-Service models, the need for costly implementations is shifted to subscription-based technology designed to reduce upfront IT spend, enhanced client flexibility, as well as giving access to the latest technologies.To know more of these services, you can look for the term “As a Service” in Wikipedia.


Coming back to our core Topic “CcaaS”

Its the perfect option for many Call centers and contact centers – that are offering the scalability as per the change in operational needs. By providing the flexibility, to pay for Only the technology required, the companies can keep their investments low; reduce their costs; yet provide better customer services.

Defining CcaaS

The Call Center Applications or Software is hosted in the cloud; and Not on-premises. Hence, there is no Physical Server

– No transportation of the Server
– No installation and networking activities of the server
– No maintenance of the Server
– No AMC and SLA of the Server

A Short History of Call Center Software
15 years ago, contact centers were primarily run with on-premises software systems. This meant that software was downloaded and maintained on in-house computers and servers and required a significant ongoing investment both in people and regular upgrade costs. Legacy providers of on-premises call center software include leaders Avaya, Cisco, and Genesys who cornered most of the contact center market until the late 2000s.

In the early 2000s, companies such as inContact, Five9, and Interactive Intelligence realized there was a huge opportunity to take traditional call center software and host it in the cloud. The agents could now log in to any internet browser and access the system.

There were some issues with this first wave of CcaaS

  • More downtime of the Cloud Systems
  • Difficulty in integrating with 3rd-Party System
  • long development and deployment cycles

So, astCRM is working on CcaaS project since 2018. To give its client a better solution. And during the last few months due to the lockdown, we have seen the great demand for our solution in the market.


Expected Future for CcaaS

According to an Article in – The Global Contact center marketing in the next 5 years to grow by $50 Billion. In another study, done by Aberdeen, only 36% of the call centers are on Cloud. These data are posted well before Corona affected the business in the World. After COVID 19 – More industries are going to increase their cloud usage. The call center’s dependencies on the CLOUD services are now inevitable. Direct benefits companies get from CcaaS Model


You can setup a Work From Home Call Center

  • Work from home is a very popular term now a days.
  • Nasdaq-listed BPO and analytics firm EXL Service, which has about 70% of its employees in India, expects some of its staffers to work from home on a long-term basis.
  • Insurance aggregator com also sees a similar trend. In a statement CEO Sarbvir Singh says, “The current situation has paved the way for a paradigm shift. It will allow us to distribute the workforce across the country.”
  • In TCS a new model of working each employee would spend only 25 percent of their working time in office.

So, WORK FROM HOME will help a large portion of the workforce to save a lot on their Commute Time
In India, which is in the 3rd rank of the countries spending their time on the work commute an average time spent per day for reaching office, and back home is One Hour 30 Minutes. Now, this is the average of all cities. Hence, the major cities average can approximate to two hours. The Work From Home Culture will add some 44 Hours to an individual’s life per month


Companies can hire Skills from anywhere in the World.

  • Automattic, the company behind WordPress, remains completely distributed. Automattic’s team members hail from nearly every continent and 36 countries around the
  • A popular CRM company Basecamp – Known for its productivity and exponential Growth – spread out across 26 different cities around the world.
  • GitHub is a community where developers can easily discover, reuse, and contribute to more than 24 million projects using an industry standard workflow.

Being Globally Distributed,

  • These companies are claiming to be active 27 X 7 – without any additional operational cost.
  • Most of these business models work on the “Payment for the Work Done”. Making them highly productive and result oriented.
  • They claim themselves as Environment Friendly, Getting free PR, and gaining employees Loyalty.


Reduced Operational Cost

Imagine the Office, a Call Center, or a BPO:
That does not need to pay for :

  • Office Space – you can imagine the rent of the office space in the center of your own city.
  • Office Supplies – Which include Stationary, Snacks, etc.
  • Table / Chairs / Workstations / Office cubicals. They have high maintenance cost associated with them. Easy to wear and tear.
  • The cost associated with IT – Servers, server room, server racks, networking devices, laptop and computers – and their accessories.
  • In hot countries like INDIA, UAE, Countries of Africa the cost of electricity due to continuous running of AC could be very high.
  • The money spent on security personnel and security devices.

The cumulative expenses for these verticals are a big cost that any business has to bear. Saving this money, can help the company to stand again after the current lockdown. Or, recovering faster, after any future recessions.


About astDIAL

One of our popular product, that is based on CcaaS modes is astDIAL.It has 2 components

  • A web-based CRM stored in Cloud
  • An Android App, used by Agent

Step #1 – The team leads, or the manager, uploads the list of the leads to their CRM, using their computer. They can categories the data in campaigns, Assign it to the agents, or to the groups.
Step #2 – The Cloud sends these data to the Android App
Step #3 – The agent dials once the number appears on their android app. Or, we can make the app to auto-dial the numbers.

The call goes out from the MOBILE DEVICE. After each call, the agents have to provide inputs for the call, in the android APP. To get the next number. The app updates back the CRM. Hence the TL or the manager can see all the reports on the call status, and the agent performance.


About astDIAL Plus

On the regular demand of the requirements such as VOICE RECORDING and NUMBER MASKING, we have now introduced astDIAL PLUS. The front end and the functionality remains the same as the astDIAL.But when an agent clicks the DIAL from the Android APP, the Android Phone does not dial.

The call goes from the SERVER.
1st Call comes to the Agent.
2nd call goes to the customer.

And the server makes a conference call of these 2 calls. Most important feature for which we have to move to the Server DIALING.

    • Number Masking

With astDIAL Plus, the Server is now dialing to the customer. This means, all the customer will see the number dialed by the SERVER. Even 100 agents are dialing, from their mobile, but the calls are going out with a single number. The Agent numbers are not be displayed to the customers. Also, the agents now do not need to receive the customer phone no#. A piece of small information on the customer should be sufficient for them to make the call. Hence the customer number is now masked from the agents. This is a very common requirement in

      • Banking
      • Real Estate
      • Credit Card Industries.
    • Encryption

By default, the system does come with the protected database with Username and Password. To add another layer of security “The Databased” can be Encrypted on Demand. Similarly, The Voice Files can also be Encrypted On Demand. Download the presentation, to know more about our CcaaS platforms.

Let us discuss some real installation, to understand the product in detail.
#1. We have provided a solution for multiple Insurance agencies.
During the entire lockdown, this industry was very active. But in their line of business, they need to approach their customer each day.
– They need to remind the clients to pay, every day. Hence we offered them a “Recycle” option with the CRM
– Approach to every category of the customer has to be different – Hence we offer different campaigns for first-time calls, reminding calls, payment collections, and campaigns based on different types of Insurance.

With some modification on their upload files, the agents are now seeing information like Name and Phone no# of the client, their car type, manufacturing year, last insurance details, and the due date on their phone, before calling the customer.

The educations institutes are active as the academic session is about to start. They are looking for candidates. And bringing the admission to the candidate’s doorsteps. Managing the entire database in excel files was very difficult for them. They were missing important callbacks. With our solution, We gave them the best way to manage their calls and their data.

Now, with the astDAIL plus, when we are dialing with the server, it sends the server number to the customers. Some of the astTECS clients, who have already purchase the astTECS servers, wanted their PRI numbers to be used to dial the calls. For this, we have connected the cloud server with their server. When the app wants the server to dial the call, the request goes to their server. And ultimately the calls go out from their PRI number.

Call Center as a Service

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