Incoming calls reception Solution

*astDIAL Reception is an IVR solution that captures your business calls (to the reception numbers) & transfer them to mobile numbers. So that you can attend them on the move. These mobile numbers can be altered based on days or hourly employee’s shift.

The *astDIAL - Reception, eliminate the need of :

*astDIAL Reception Features


Play a welcome message for your customers. Guide them to reach the right agent.

Call Recording

Record all the incoming calls For quality & monitoring. These call records are also Used for training new staff.

Call Reporting

Get complete report on calls, agent’s engagement, and Their performance

Instant Alert

On demand SMS/eMail Services to notify on the Missed calls. An early approach to call Back your customer can Win many businesses.

Sticky Agent

The system connects the caller to the same agent, provided agent picks the calls within a specified Time duration.

Friendly Portal

A user friendly web portal To maintain all your customer, Download reports, and voice files And access agent’s performances.

Start Converting Leads to Business

Why *astDIAL Reception for your business?

Instant Setup

Affordable Pricing

Real-Time Reports

Voice mail

CRM Backed

99% Uptime

Funtional Architechture

Mobile No#

Talk Time

Access talk time


SMS Credit

(miss call alert) 

Rs. 3000 per month



3,000 Mins

Rs. 1 / Min

Single Level


Rs. 5000 per month



7,000 Mins

90 paise / Min

Multi Level



On Demand 

- on demand

- on demand

- on demand

- on demand

- on demand 

Never miss an Incoming Business Call

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