Frequently Asked Questions - astTRAC


  1. Steps to download and use astTrack app
  2. Data is not updating in the CRM

Download astTrac from Google Playstore

1# Open AstTrac app
2# Set Organisation name - Goto -> Organisation* -> type "organization" and click " OK "
3# Enter Username and password and click "sign in".

Allow all permission during first time login.

4# Click Meeting icon from home page & type customer name and mobile no/select from your phone book
5# Select " Get Location " to fetch your live location
6# Select the purpose from drop-down list
7# Enter notes in the report box. ( Order value, Total Kgs, product/SKU) any other remarks discussed with the customer.
8# Click Take a picture button to capture the live image of the Meeting place/outlet/ Distributor or any.
9# Press Save button to save the Meeting

AstTrac app should run until you complete your daily fieldwork.
Your Field visit and travel data will be retrieved from this app. Hence it's mandatory to use on all working days.

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