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Educational consultancy firms lack experienced professionals to guide students who are willing to study abroad. We came across an interesting solution for this problem from a consultancy firm who wanted to hire freelancer consultants.

Freelance consultants include experienced professionals, people looking to restart their career, and students already doing the same course. This plan has multifold benefits for consultancy firms, freelancer consultants and even the callers. Freelancer consultants get part time income, and callers get the best possible advice.

But, the educational consultant had challenges in implementing their plan and they also wanted to monitor the freelancers performance in real time. We have discussed the exact requirements, challenges, and solutions provided by *astCRM.


Education consultancy wanted a solution using which their freelancer consultants can call the leads using their own device and can work from anywhere. Clients also wanted real time monitoring, call recording and dashboard for reviewing agent’s performance.

Some of the key requirements

  • Setting up Call Center Remotely
  • They didn’t want any infrastructure setup
  • Remote Agent Monitoring
  • Solution through which agents can work from their own device


Analyzing the client’s requirements and situation *astCRM came up with *astdial - mobile call center solution. This solution allowed clients to set up a call center in minutes on the consultant's mobile phone.

This solution allowed freelancer consultants to work from anywhere using their smartphone. Firm owners could easily assign leads to the agents using the admin app and monitor their real time performance using customized dashboard.
It can also integrated the CRM with the mobile application so that leads can be managed efficiently and it makes lead funneling easy. CRM also has different options to make agents' lives easier such as click-to-call, reminders and call pop ups.

Solution Highlights

  • Mobile Call Center App Solution - *astDial
  • Real-time Reports for Agent Monitoring
  • CRM Integration with Mobile App
  • 24*7 Global Support

Feature of *astdial - Mobile Call Center

Lead Distribution:

Business owners can easily distribute the leads among agents from the application. They can easily assign the leads to the agents according to the qualification and field of expertise.

As soon as lead is assigned by the owner, it is reflected in the ants application and they can start calling manually or they can start calling on the auto dial mode.


Mobile application can also be used for feedback purposes from the callers. As soon as the call is over, you can start collecting the feedback using IVR. This will help you in improving the service quality and measuring the ganets performance.


The best part of a mobile call center is the reporting part. Business owners can view the real time reports on their dashboard. They can view metrics such as no.of agents active, call timing, call duration, call answered and call disposed etc.

Real-time dashboard:

All the dashboards provided to the education consultancy owners are real-time and can be easily customised according to their requirements.


The benefits of hiring a remote consultant

The question which usually comes to the mind “Why should I hire freelancers”?

Here are few benefits which remote consultants bring to the table


Experience is always an added advantage for any business. Experience comes at a cost and educational consultants can’t afford to have experienced professionals at an early stage.

Remote consultants are easy to hire and are not expensive also. So early age educational consultancy firms can easily hire remote consultants who can work from their office and according to their time.
Reduced Cost:

In house full time consultants are expensive stuff as owners have to pay them salaries every month even if workload is not there.


Remote consultants charge on the basis of no.of hours and answers calls on the basis of requirements.

No infrastructure Required

For remote call centers, you don’t need to set up a contact center. For remote agents, mobile contact centers can be set up easily without any infrastructure.

Mobile Call Center can be easily setup with:

  • Smartphone
  • Stable Internet Connection
  • A mobile app

Who can be freelancer remote educational consultant


Working professionals can be a good resource as an educational consultant as they are already working in the field. They can guide the students well about the process and even can share their experience

Students already Pursuing the Course

Students who are studying in the course are the best people to advise on the procedure and the preparation. They are the most recent people who have undergone the process recently.

They can guide the students and parents in the best way possible. It is mutually beneficial for everyone as the caller gets the best advice, the student gets the part time income and the business owner is able to deliver the best.

People Looking to restart their career

People looking to restart their career after the break but not getting enough opportunities to work or can’t step out of the house for too long can also work as a freelance consultant.

Setting up the Mobile Call Center for Freelancer Educational Consultants

The solution *astCRM can provide is the astdial. astdial is an android application which helps agents to set up the call center on their mobile phone just by downloading the application and registering on it.

They just need to download the application and register on it. Afte registration, once the lead is assigned to them they can start calling the leads.


With *astDial - mobile call center app solution, educational consultant was able to hire experienced consultants who can work remotely and from their own device. They could deploy call center using smartphones only, freelance agents are now able to attend and make calls from their own mobile phone using an internet connection.

Education Consultancy was able to monitor the agents performance using real time dashboards and live updates. They were able to assign leads to agents in no time through a separate mobile app.

With this advanced solution and support educational consultancies are prepared for any critical situation while scaling up their operations and providing freelance opportunities to the professionals. Now, they are better equipped to provide best advice to the students seeking opportunities for studying abroad even if lockdown extends.

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About the Author : Devasia Kurian

Dr. Devasia Kurian is the Founder & Managing Director of astCRM. With over 30 years of experience in the telecommunication industry, he has an uncanny ability to make the most complex open source telecommunication architectures easy to understand. He believes that large scale adoption of Open Source is the true way for India forward. He is passionate about open source technology and asterisk.

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