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Deployment and Implementation of CRM software solution

*astCRM on its drive to offer an affordable CRM Solution to all, believes that CRM when implemented correctly can enhance your organization's productivity by many fold. A right choice of CRM solution empowers organization to manage & advance relationships throughout the customer life cycle, by giving them edge in an increasingly competitive market.

Our close engagement with organizations using their customer data/details for marketing, sales and post-sales support, has offered us detailed insight on how company should work to minimize their loss of efforts and maximizing on their inputs. This is helping us in preparing various CRM modules & functionalities, which is used by many of our clients to eliminate the daily mundane jobs, and to focus on their customers.

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CRM Solution as an affordable CRM solution company believes that our most valuable resource is our professional core team of skilled individuals. Our attention to the quality of solutions and services made us a world class CRM solution company.

Being an Open Source industry, we have tested many open source CRM Projects to design a comprehensive CRM solution that includes most of the necessary features that every organization must have for better customer engagement.

*astCRM – The ultimate CRM Solution covers following key areas:


Create or insert leads and manage their lifecycle. Easy import of leads directly from external sources like csv files, web forms, and direct mail, or create manualy. Log the lead details, followups, calls & meetings reminders, notes for each communications, status on the progress and more. Leads can be assigned to sales groups or an individual to be followed up & converted. Lead sources allows you to evaluate various lead generation processes.


*astCRM allows you to track all the customer accounts and related opportunities, cases, contacts, and other details from its core. It also identifies parent-child relationships between accounts and their divisions. For future reference, it allows your to attach, customer-specific documents by uploading from your computer. All the client's related activities, sales, complaints, notes, etc can be associated with the account.


With *astCRM track all sales opportunities linked with the client's account & progress to convert them into a successful sales. Furthermore, it also exports opportunities to spreadsheet software like OpenOffice®, Microsoft® Excel®, and other Open Source spreadsheets in order to examine the sales pipeline. The sales stages ensures proper approach and closure of the cycle.


Each time a customer has an issue, address it professionally with registering the complaint or request to the inbuilt ticket management system. An auto generated ticket number can be shared with the customer for any future communication/ references. Ticket open and close time should be recorded & later reviewed to improve the quality of the customer support


Assign or follow any activity or event by creating a schedule in the *astCRM Calendar. Never miss any important meeting, presentation, client call, or deadlines by marking it to the calendar module. The team-head can directly assign a task to the team mates by updating the calendar event to his team member. A monthly, weekly and daily view of calendar makes easy assessing of the jobs / reminders.


*astCRM supports Quotes, Invoice & PO building from the system. Hence, avoiding the dependency on any additional system to complete a sale. These modules calls the data from there partner modules – like customer address from the accounts modules, and product details from the inventory, and allow to create quote or invoice using the data on standard layout to a PDF file.

If you are planning improve the business process, server your customer better, enhance your organizational productivity, we can help your by offering the best solution at very reliable cost. Feel free to send us a query about your requirements. One of our experts will get back to you to understand your process, requirement with suitable solutions.
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