*astCRM offers a complete CRM solution for medical specialty clinics for organizing their patient details, managing appointments, doctor schedules & patient history. *astCRM for specialty clinic is a web based solution making accessibility faster and easier.

The ‘CRM for medical specialty clinics‘ is an easy to use, affordable and powerful system helping doctors to manage the clinic data with a small team. It is designed to be used without any technical knowledge.


1. Managing Patients’ Contact Details

Maintain the patient’s profile in an organized format. This allows your regular visitors (patients) to communicate or make an appointment booking with in a shorter period, as the person at reception can store the data in comparatively less time.

2. Managing Appointments

Managing appointment can help the reception to provide a proper information to the caller to book a desired time slot to visit the doctor. Also, doctor can view their schedules by looking at their calendar.

3. Generate & manage Prescriptions

A digital prescription could be the best answer for your advance service to your patients. This prescription can be printed, or sent directly to the patient email ID. Also, as the data is always available in the system, the doctor can always review the history of the medication suggested.

4. Managing Clinic stocks

Every clinic uses basic accessories to help their patients. Keeping a track on availability of the stocks of these accessories helps the administrators / doctors to take an informed decision before the next purchase. An auto alert can be made using email / calendar notes whenever stock fall below the alert quantity, pre-defined in the CRM.

5. Vendors contact list and Purchase Orders

Manage your regular vendors details within the CRM. Share your requirement directly whenever in need of the stocks using the CRM email module. Purchase orders can be generated directly from the CRM for official transactions, and it keeps record of the clinic expenses as well.

6. Organizing Doctor’s schedules / Calendar

Calender is a virtual friend of the busy doctors. Plan your day based on the calender which reflects all the schedule appointments. Also a proper use of the calender avoid any clashes of the appointments.

7. Keeping updates on Clinic earning and expenses

With regular management of the fees collected as details with the appointment, and expense details collected while making purchases from the vendors generating purchase order, a complete database could be managed for earnings and expenses. This can be further filtered to calculate daily, weekly, monthly or yearly data.

8. FAQ – To help reception

Proper information at help desk / reception can reduce the load on Doctors. Also, your patients are happy to get the information without spending too much time in call queue.

9. Emails and SMS – Regular Alerts

Proper integration of email server and SMS gateway with the CRM delivers new level of communication system for your clinic. Reminders can be send to the patient to confirm their appointment, prescriptions can be shared using emails, stock alerts for stock managers & purchase orders can be generated for vendors without loosing any time.

10. Reports

Use reports for monitoring the functioning of the clinic. Reports on daily, monthly, yearly earnings and expenses keeps your account informed. Reports on schedules and appointments support doctors and receptions. Also, track the reports on the source of booking to understand and expand your business.

11. Recycle Bin

To recover accidentally deleted data