CRM For Enterprises

A complete CRM solution for enterprises includes the modules to manage the operations & data related to marketing, sales and support activities. This CRM helps in streamline various processes that an organization has to conduct in their day to day activities.

Our Enterprise Solution Includes:

  • Contact Profile Management
  • Sales Cycle and Invoice management
  • Inventory management
  • Knowledge base
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Inbuilt calendar

Enterprise CRM Features explained :

1. Lead Management

Any organization needs to create new customer. This can be done by following up with the leads, and educating them on your product and services. So manage your leads data, communications, and their status with our lead module.

2. Account Management

Manage both B2B and B2C customer data with our account management. A centralized data management is always more secure, easy to access and up to date; moreover this adds a complete transparency to the organization.

3. Campaign Management

Running any marketing campaign do cost your organization. Hence plan properly with *astCRM, analyze with expectation and real data, compare various campaigns run and assess the ROI by leads and customers generated by the campaign.

4. Opportunities management

An Opportunity represents a potential sale for a specific customer. By creating an opportunity you add this potential sale to the sales pipeline and therefore puts it on the radar of the concern person / team. It signals the beginning of your sales process with a potential or existing client. Opportunities allow – organizations to track the success of marketing efforts, by connecting the sale to lead source and campaign. – A lost opportunity is an insight for lost reasons and competitors to be tracked. – It helps you to forecast future business demands and sales revenues.

5. Quotes and Invoice Management

Create quotes and invoices directly using *astCRM inbuilt modules by selecting products from the catalog with pricing, specify the quantities, discount and taxes applicable. Share the generated quotes and invoices directly to the customer using inbuilt email functionality.

6. Product / Services Stock Management

*astCRM allows you to maintain a product catalog & pre-define services offered with prices. This can be used while created quotes and invoices by the sales representatives.

7. Customer’s Asset Updates

Keep track of your customer assets. This lists all the products sold and serviced by your organization. When products are shipped to customers, information of each Product instance like: Product Number, Serial Number, Date Sold, Customer Name etc are stored as Asset record. With Assets, it becomes easy for your Support center to audit Product instances and cases resolved upon them.

8. Faq

FAQ module in *astCRM acts as a repository for all questions frequently asked by your customers as well as internal team members. You can either convert Tickets into FAQs or create new FAQs. This helps in reducing the customer query resolution time, and increases the efficiencies of the CRM user by getting the easy and fast accesses to the standard procedures solutions made available in the FAQ module.

9. Reports

Your sales, marketing and support professionals should be spending their quality times in the generating business and not in preparing reports for the management. Whereas, we cannot avoid the needs of these reports for taking better decisions. Hence, *astCRM helps you in creating Reports and generating them again with simple click.

10. Filters

*astCRM allows the users to create multiple filters or views for the data so that you can easily access information of your choice, or can have access to the right data which helps you operate faster.

11. Email Server Integration

The *astCRM can be linked to your email server to send out emails to your leads, customers or vendors. All the emails sent from an individual or entire company can be archived in *astCRM, to allow anyone in your organization find what was exchanged with your clients. Using CRM you can send single email to multiple leads/ contacts.

12. SMS Gateway Integration

Communicate faster with your clients by sending personalized SMS to their mobile devices. Keep the client informed on the sales or support stages important to them by integrating an SMS gateway easily with the *astCRM. Consequently, you can increase your sales and strengthen the relationship with your customers.

13. IP PBX / Telephony Integration

Save your resources and time to reach the customer by enabling 2 most important features after integrating an IP based PBX with *astCRM. Click to Call – Call a lead /customer directly from the customer profile view by clicking on customer number, thereby eliminating delays in dialing and chances of inserting incorrect numbers. Call Pop-up – Get the complete customer profile on your computer screen when the customer calls with the registered mobile / phone number. Thereby, saving time in asking the caller details.

14. Calendar

A unique calendar application in developed within *astCRM where you can manage, track and follow up activities, meetings, calls, presentations, etc. This ensures that you do not miss any important schedule. With above all features and much more, the CRM for enterprise by *astCRM offers complete: Consultation on how to adopt the CRM with your organization Training and education on how to use the CRM, and Support on software / hardware (optional) for best performance. Regular Health Check-up of the system (Database) for smoother operations.