*astCRM - Cloud CRM Packages

*astCRM offers most affordable cloud CRM packages to address the operational needs for businesses of all sizes. We do not restrict any functionality while offering these package, but make sure that our customers get the best value for their money.

Cloud CRM - S
Per User/Month
Best for Small Team
Default System
Users : 3 - 10
Storage : 2GB SSD
User Training
Support : 1 Ticket/Month
Health Check - Once in 3 Months
Enterprise Edition
Per User/Month (Upto 100 User)
A Complete Cloud Solution for Enterprises
Complete CRM
Users : Max. 100
Storage : 50GB SSD
User / Admin Training
Support : 5 Ticket/Month
Health Check - Monthly

*astCRM - Cloud CRM Packages are designed to get you


With all customer information organized & managed properly, gain customer behaviour & buying patter. Offer the best personal solution which they cannot ignore.


Filter hottest leads & convert them faster.
Follow up all leads with reminder & never miss any important alert request. Qualify each lead stage by stage.


Manage all your customer properties & sales opportunities generate guides & invoices, manage your stocks & prices on a centralized system. Add transparency to the organizational operations.

For any custom requirement and on-premise CRM solution:





Terms and Conditions

I. Package Renewal

  1. Cloud CRM packages should be renewed on time. The access would be stopped if the renewl is not done on or before due date.
  2. The renewal can be done easily by the payment link shared as an email at least 7 days before the due date.

II. Cloud CRM Setup

  1. The cloud CRM for the new setup would be ready within 48 hours (2 working days).
  2. The time for setup will increase if customization is requested from the client's end.

III. Charges for customization

  1. For S & Enterprise packages all customization charges would be extra.
  2. For M package 8-Hours of configurations would be offered from astCRM, which can be utilized anytime.
  3. All customization would be charged as per the Man Days estimated for the requirement shared.

IV. Backups

  1. All Admin logins will have the option to download Database as backup. It is highly recommended to keep the regular backup.
  2. In case of any failure (*astCRM team works 24x7 to avoid any such incidents), the last downloaded backup can be shared with *astCRM for the restoration.
  3. Database restoration may or may not be charged, based on the customer packages and database size.
  4. Under any circumstances, *astCRM is not responsible for data uploaded or downloaded. Client can get their on-premise solutions for enhanced security.
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