Do you have a field force ? This includes :

  • Door to door sales
  • Retail Sales Team
  • On-site Services
  • Home Delivery
  • Fleet Management
  • Traveling Team

Organizations with field force always have problem managing the activities & events taking place outside the office premises. The worthiness of the data depends upon the information provided by the individuals. Both improper or insufficient information can cost incorrect decisions & unnecessary actions.

Therefore, *astTrac helps the organizations to track the sales & services activities using Google (R) Map. It increases the sales result by embracing the mobile technology. By installing *astTrac App to the employee’s mobile phone, the organization can track the inputs provided by the employee, using their mobile phone, with date, time and location coordinates.

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Activities Captured by *astTrac App

1. Location

Auto generated location coordinates is captured from the mobile device, and updated to the server. These coordinates are displayed as meaningful Google Addresses.

2. Meeting Information

User can log the meeting information, such as contact person name, phone number, or details of the meeting. Also, user can use their phonebook contacts to update the name and phone number. The meeting information can include a brief overview on the discussion happen, product or services sold, order value, customize requirement, or simply minutes of the meetings.

3. Images

The app user can capture the images using the camera of their mobile phone. The images can be captured for client's office, site condition, selfie with a prospect / partner, customer picture for next team to interact, item to be serviced, etc. On uploading the image, server takes the date/time and location, and associate the image with the data.

4. Voice Recording

One can use the technology to be quick in logging the information. This can be easily done by using the mobile phone to record voice messages. Using the feature of recording and saving voice messages, the employee can also record status updates, reminders, client's inputs, and actionable points.

5. Date & Time

Auto generated date and time is saved with each event captured. This lets the organization understand the effectiveness of the User to the company.

*astTrac as the CRM

Being a core CRM solution provider, *astCRM, we offer the integrated solution that lets the information of the visits linked with the leads or the customer profile. The main objective of this integration is manage the data of the meetings, or events that are executed for a particular customer.

Features & Advantages of astTrac – Location Tracking System

CRM Features

  • Sales Management
  • Complaint Management
  • Quotes & Invoice Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Campaigns Management



  • Email Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • IP PBX & Dialer Integration
  • Facebook / Linked Integration
  • Tally Integration


Application Scope

  1. Sales Force doing DTD sales, customer meetings or sample distribution
  2. Teams responsible for payment collection, taking orders, or doing survey
  3. Agencies distributing advertisement materials or working with display ads
  4. Real Estate to track site visits
  5. Fleet management companies to track their vehicle activities
  6. Medicine (Pharma) companies to track their visits to hospitals & clinics.
  7. Retail stores to check their delivery status
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