The Mobile Office


*astEazy is an ideal solution for Small offices that supports them with sales and support activities, and collecting the reponses, and saving it for later use. It is also called as “The Mobile Office” as it allows most of the activities and updated from the mobile phone. Thus the users are no more bounded to their workstations.

Making “Business Activities” Easy

*astEazy is a technology solution to manage your team and business activities. It can be used by your marketing team, sales team, service or delivery staff, to approach the customer and get the feedback from anywhere. All the data / activities captured can be easily accessed by the Web-based back-end system, along with many features of integrated it.

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The *astEazy Way to manage your office:

1. Organize you data

The web-based backend is designed on the powerful MySQL database, and lets the user to manage the data. The backend, inspired from a popular CRM, keeps the data organized and easily accessible.

2. Prospect Calls

Best way to reach more prospect in less time is by calling them. The *astDial – an android applications is used to send the prospect data to the callers phone. The call response can be updated at the app for future references.

3. Maintain Repords / Profiles

With the organized database, users can easily maintain their leads and customer profiles, contact details and sales details. It can be updated from mobiel as well as from Web, to the centralized system.

4. Call Monitoring

Do you want to monitor how the calls are being made to your prospects and customer? The astEazy backend offer view to Live Monitoring, Agent Reports & Lead status reports for having a close overview on the complete process.

6. Location Tracking

*astTrac – another androd application lets your field force to capture images and audio messages about their visits. They can also log meeting information, and the system captures the Location with the Date / Time.

6. Visit Reporting

Have the complete report on the field force daily activities by mapping their visits to GoogleTM Map, along with their meetings data, auto captured addresses, images and audio messages. Link the meetings with the lead profiles, for any future refrennces.

7. Assign Records

From leads, campaigns, sales to complaints, the *astEazy backend solution lets the managers to assign the records to the team. The 'assigning of the record' helps in proper distribution and later analyzing the performances.

8. Manage User Roles

The *astEazy backend lets the admin users to define all the roles and the privileges for other users. Access to the data, update, modification and removal all can be controlled to stop data leaks and manipulation in the organization

9. Auto SMS / Email Updates

The backend system can be integrated with the SMS and/or Email servers to send auto generated notifications. Including meeting alrerts, Sales & service updates, ticket closure, and more.


Smart reportings system to assess the reports as data or graphics. The system is flexible enough to apply logics and conditions to fileter the data for specific requirements.

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