Run Call Center from your

Android phone

No Hardware – No Server – No Maintenance

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Mobile Call Center Solution

An Android based Call Center solution

Distribute the dialing list to your team. The team will dial using their mobile phone, and update the inputs on the Android app.

A Zero Infra Call Center

Eliminating the operational & maintenance cost of the call centers. Now you don’t need Servers, work-stations, or even offices.

Work-From-Home Call Center

Let your team dial from anywhere. You can now hire the right skills from anywhere in the world.

Why *astDIAL – App based Call Center Solution

No Server

Get rid of costly servers. No more heavy boxes, pushing you to understand the technicality to manage them.

No Work Station

No workstations means your employees need not to come office to complete their jobs. They can be freelancers sitting any any part of the world.

No Office

Save yourself from expenses on Renting (or buying) properties in the Prime Locations. Run the business using technology.

No Server Room

Maintaining a Server room needs an A/C room, an Engineer, and lots of cables. These do not come for less.

No IT Admin

With exclusion of the Server Room, Server and other technicality, you can save on the salaries of the technical and IT admins.

No AC / Electricity Bills

AC power consumption is very high. Using *astDIAL, you are saving substation power on the employees.


APP Based Calling

Use your Android Phone to call leads & call multiple numbers without the hassle of dialing them manually.

Live Monitoring

Get an instant overview of all the ongoing calls & agent’s performances. Download detail reports on the dispositions.

Inbuilt CRM

Agent activities like call duration, call, call disposition, call back reminder, attendance monitoring all the reports are monitored in real time.

Campaign Control

Admin can assign leads to agents or group of agents by creating campaigns & can monitor the progress of follow-ups.

Call Logs

Get the call details including the source & destination numbers, date, time & duration of the call.

Intense Reports

Smart reporting system to get custom reports on every parameter. Set multiple conditions to pull report of your choice. Print or email from the system.

Reduce your call center operations Cost by 90%!


How Does *astDIAL Work?…


Upload the list of phone numbers & other information using web-based admin panel. Once uploaded, the leads can be used multiple times based on user requirements.


Create a Campaign, and assign it to an agent or a group. On activating the campaign, the contacts are available to the mobile agents, for dialing.


Log into the app using valid credentials to start dialing – Auto Dial or Manual Dial. At call termination, select a disposition based on the outcome of the call.


Monitor your campaign status, agent performances and LIVE activities from a web admin panel. Extract voice files to monitor the quality of customer interaction.


Phone Based Call Center Solution

₹ 600

User Per Month

₹ 500

User Per Month

₹ 450

User Per Month