“Customer Service is the new marketing”

"Derek Sivers, Founder CD Baby"

AstCRM Systems Pvt. Ltd. has the development center at Bangalore, India, and the network spread to 18 countries.

We incorporate a passion for client satisfaction, technological innovation, deep-rooted industry and business process knowledge and a global, collaborative team that embodies the future of work.

Our extensive suite of solutions span across multiple industries, such as call center, finance, real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, services, logistics, travel, retail, hospitality, technology, telecom and a lot more that assists your business in planning further, transparent and better optimized customer interactions and experiences- from strategy creation through implementation.


Our Services

We at astCRM provide a multitude of value-added services to Small & Medium scale businesses across the globe so as to help them acquire business value, enhance internal productivity, monitoring the day to day operations, and attain a competitive edge.


Work From Home

Call Center Setup

Field Meeting Monitoring Whatsapp Services & Bot Ticket Management System Lead Management System AI based Help Desk


Our Aim

The company’s aim is to bring productivity and effectiveness in businesses offering any kind of interaction with their client. With the objective to offer cost effective solution for small and medium scale enterprises, we have proved ourselves of great value when large enterprises are looking for cost cutting alternatives to their processes.

Meeting Your Needs


When you’re not sure how to manage a process, our consultants and experts can provide necessary training and consultation. Our experiences with the similar industry help us to recommend the best praticed solution.


Our solution comes in all variant. From easy to use cloud subscription, to setting up your own on-premise solution, we provide complete array of services. Backed by a 24X7 support team, we are ready to support your business.


Custom made solution, service level agreements, white labelled products and applications can be designed and delivered as per the need.


Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and our partner-led approach means you’re always able to reach senior decision-makers as and when you need to.

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